On Location Light {Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer}

Whew! I’m back from Click Away 2018 and I have sooo many images to sift through. One of my favorite boutique experiences was Great Light Anywhere with Kim Hlidebrand, a lifestyle photographer in Seattle. I’ve taken off camera flash courses and I already love using my light kits and flash at in-home sessions, but it was still such a treat to get new tips and see how someone else shoots on location. Especially when it comes to bringing lights into a family’s home – this type of material can get technically complex very quickly! That alone is probably the biggest deterrent to being a lifestyle photographer – and lugging the gear can be a bit more work too. But in my opinion it’s totally worth the extra gear to be able to capture families in their natural environments.

Kim was wonderful to learn from. I got some great new ideas from her like bouncing flash off windows and I love how she used her lights to add to the already existing natural light instead of just for filling in shadows. It gave the whole shoot a more natural feel and was less obtrusive.

And I don’t think there is a cuter family to photograph! This little sweetie was in a great mood and not at all intimidated by 20+ photographers with cameras out snapping away. Here are a handful of shots I was able to get – we had to take turns using the light set up so there wasn’t much shooting time but the bit I did have was great.

Happy child upside down on bed

mom and daughter playing on bed

Adorable little girl laughing with mom

Happy mom and daughter playing on bed

Girl with pigtails jumping on bed

daughter looking at mom

Dad smiling at cute daughter

Blue eyed cutie with pigtails



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