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Late summer sunsets, exploring the outdoors, and spending time just being together as a family. This is what summer story sessions are all about. These are some of my favorite kinds of sessions to photograph and this one was no exception. The evening was warm – and yes, that’s a nice way of saying muggy and hot here in Georgia – but the creek was cool and it felt amazing to wade in the clear water with this beautiful family of three – soon to be four! All the families I photograph are special, but this family – well this mama and I go back almost 20 years! We shared a room in a sorority house (matching bedspreads and all!) that couldn’t have been bigger than 10×12, so if that doesn’t bring you close, nothing will. 🙂

Her husband is one of the funniest guys you’ll meet and just feast your eyes on their sweet-cheeked towhead with those big innocent eyes! Their little fella LOVED the water, finding rocks, and getting his hands dirty – all boy right there.

little boy in creek holding rock

He also loved kisses with mama – I mean, seriously, is this the cutest?! Those little toddler smooches are the best.

summer story sessions
mom and dad smiling at son in creek

Admittedly I’m not big on props, but I couldn’t resist bringing along this little boat for him to play with. He loaded it up with rocks over and over again. It’s amazing how focused they can be at this age on a sweet, simple task.

little boy in creek with sailboat family pics marietta
toddler photo session in east cobb
Summer story session photography in east cobb

And when it’s time to take a quick break from rock hunting who doesn’t love being tossed in the air by dad?

dad throwing son in air by creek
Summer story sessions family photography in marietta

What’s your family’s story? What do you all love to do together? I’d love to capture it for you and create memories to treasure. I’m currently booking summer story sessions through end of August.

Ashley McBroom is an award-winning East Cobb based photographer who photographs children and families all over the metro Atlanta area! She loves telling your family’s story and capturing your unique personalities and connections in beautiful light. Her art has been described as emotive and dreamy with a focus on in-between moments and connections.  See another one of her recent sessions here!



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