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The Mill is a popular spot for Roswell family photos. If you haven’t been there, it’s worth a stop just for a quick hike with the fam – it has a lot of civil war history, with old architecture, a covered wooden bridge, a dam/waterfall, and miles of trails. To be honest, I don’t shoot there very often since it tends to get crowded and I don’t like waiting in line for a shot, but on a weeknight in late fall, it was a great option. Which brings me to – the colors in the trees! The sweet babies! The laid-back parents! Such a FUN session.

Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees by the time we met in late November, but my family loves to hike at the Mill so I knew if we ventured up the trails to just the right spot, we’d find a handful left and even the dead ones would look beautiful with the sun hitting them! This sweet family was up for exploring, so that’s what we did.

We started down by one of the old mill buildings. I love the texture of the brick and the cobblestone pathways. How cute is this baby boy?!

Roswell mill family photos little boy

Then we headed across the covered bridge – it’s one of my favorite photo spots. The river running under it is noisy and you can smell the damp wood and for some reason it just feels like summer camp. I swear I’m not crazy. 🙂

roswell mill family photos

Then we chased the light up onto the trails where the sunset comes in so pretty and makes even a mostly bare forest feel magical. And we found a little nook with some gorgeous color left on the trees!

roswell family photos
sweet moment with mom and daughter during family photos in Roswell

I love this look that mom and dad gave each other as they juggled their kiddos. In the midst of the chaos of having babies and toddlers it’s these little moments that matter!

roswell family photography
brother and sister together during family photos

And we photographed until the sun set and we literally just couldn’t take it anymore. Haha! This photo makes me laugh – I promise no baby was injured during this little topple-over!

roswell family photographer

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