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This one goes down in the books as the most adventurous senior session I’ve ever had. We climbed on rocks, walked narrow trails with steep drop-offs, and this senior even swung out over the Chattahoochee on a reallllly old rope in his dress clothes and the cold water would have been a shock to the system if he happened to fall in.

But, all those things gave us the chance to grab some really awesome photos! Senior photos should be all about the senior and this session was definitely that. We met at a spot where he likes to hang out with his friends and he showed me his repertoire of crazy stunts. I held my breath and told him not to fall more times that I could count. Ha! We captured some really nice portraits using the lines and light at our spot and had a great time for the hour or so we spent together.

This spot is a favorite of my family’s as well, but he showed me so many new trails and areas I hadn’t seen before! It can also be a crowded place for photography but we picked a weeknight and it makes the whole thing much more enjoyable.

Scroll to see numerous stunts! Also pictured – some pretty backlight – my personal favorite kind of light to use, and some harsh light which I don’t usually shoot in but had fun playing with for this session. It adds a lot of drama and contrast to the image and just felt right this time.

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Ashley McBroom is an award-winning Marietta senior photographer. She loves capturing seniors in their element with customized sessions from the setting and mood down to the styling. To book a session, contact her now!

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